A Life of Dynamic Motivation

No doubt, the life of Octavene H. Saunders exemplifies dynamic motivation. Born in Cambridge, Maryland, November 8, 1940, her 73-year lifespan was filled with civic passion and meaningful accomplishments. Attending the Dorchester County public school system and recognizing the importance of educational achievement, Octavene first launched her civic successes with the attainment of a high school G.E.D. (General Educational Diploma). Continuing on, she earned an associate of arts degree from Chesapeake College, also located in Cambridge. From Salisbury University in Salisbury, Md., she attained both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Driven to improve local community conditions of daily life for disadvantaged children and economically stress-ridden women, Octavene became a strong civic leader communicating their needs to the proper public officials. Being recognized for her passionate efforts and high level of motivation for helping others, in the late 70s she was invited to the governor’s mansion by then Governor Blair Lee to meet certain key public officials. In addition, Octavene served on a variety of committees, both local and state level, while also speaking publicly as a leader at a number of non-profit organizations. In fact, located at 615B Pine Street in the famous historic district of the city of Cambridge, Maryland is the Cambridge Empowerment Center, a building named in her memory and honor.

As an example of firm self-motivation and dynamic self-achievement, let the life of Octavene H. Saunders be an inspiration for your triumphs. For sure, the choice to act on your desires for success is totally up to you. Now, what is it that you want to achieve? To get started, contact Octavene’s Cambridge Empowerment Center today, and be on your way!

Author – Bill Epps